Does putting wine into a blender make it taste better?

Here’s a new one.

You know that cheap bottle of wine you picked up from CVS the other day? Some are suggesting you can turn it into one that tastes much more expensive by… wait for it…

… pouring the wine into a blender.

Every now and then I stumble across something so spectacularly out-there, so gloriously absurd and so ludicrously fun, that I can’t help but draw attention to the idea. Not because the idea in question is not necessarily true (maybe it is, Internet!), but more likely because the wine world can use fantastical drama from time to time. After all, merely talking about wine is far less interesting than spilling it on other people, chugging it out of a box (or better still, a spit bucket, as demonstrated to tasting room etiquette perfection by Miles in Sideways), or performing a random, non-sequitor tasting in front of a green screen.