Does Vodka Go Bad?

As one of the favorites from the long list of liquors, I am sure that many of you are guilty on stocking vodka, to the point that some bottles have been left untouched for a while. Today you will learn more about its shelf life. Impress your friends with new knowledge the next time you go drinking.

It is important to keep in mind that vodka has undergone a distinct production process, which is perhaps one of the reasons why you can expect this to be a long-lasting product.

Sealed vs. Opened

If the bottle of vodka is sealed, its shelf life can be indefinite. Meaning, it can withstand many years. It will not go bad if it is not immediately consumed, but this will depend on a number of factors, such as the quality of the vodka itself and the environmental conditions or the way it is stored.

Once it has been opened, on the other hand, this is where the problem comes in. It will be prone to penetration of air and other external elements. It is highly possible that there will be oxidation and the vodka can go bad.

Within around the first decade after vodka has been opened, there will be minimal changes in its taste and texture. However, past such date, it will be terrible. This will also increase the likelihood that you will be suffering from food poisoning.