Douwe Egberts: All You Need To Know About The Instant Coffee Brand

Like many food innovations, the origin of instant coffee has several claimants. Douwe Egberts may not be the first instant coffee to fill up our cups but it has its own interesting history, worth sharing.

Born in 1753

Dutch coffee Douwe Egberts has been around for nearly 260 years. It was founded in Joure, Netherlands, by Egbert Douwes in 1753 as De Witte Os (“The White Ox”), a general grocery shop. In 1780, Egbert’s eldest son Douwe Egberts took charge of the business. At this time, the company started dealing specifically in coffee, tea, and tobacco.

Established in 1925

Douwe Egberts opened the DE headquarters and also the very first distillery on Catharijnekade in the city of Utrecht in 1919. Raw coffee bags were carried to the distillery using horse and carriage. By 1925, it had changed its name to Douwe Egberts and introduced its logo, a red seal with a “D.E.” initialism. Today the famous DE seal is easily recognised and guarantees supreme quality.

Going commercial in 1967

Douwe Egberts coffee… delicious coffee. In 1967 Douwe Egberts advertised its coffee for the very first time on Dutch television. It was one of the first companies to use advertising. The first DE commercials were all about solidarity and how coffee brings people together.

Comes to South Africa in 2001

Douwe Egberts was launched into the South African Market in 2001.

Celebrates 250 years in 2003

In 2003 Douwe Egberts celebrated its 250th anniversary with a lot of special activities.

Introduces new flavours in 2007

In 2007 the core Instants range was updated from the Continental Roasts to the Pure Range, which included four blends Pure Gold, Pure Indulgence, Pure Smooth and Decaffeinated.

Gets a new look in 2021

Douwe Egberts launches the new look pack for the Pure Gold, Pure Indulgence, and Espresso Style Freeze Dried Instant Cofee. In addition to this a brand new blend, Ristretto Style, was also introduced. This is a specialty blended Freeze Dried Instant Coffee. The same year, the brand also launched a new origins blend in Brazil, in addition to the current Mocha Kenya Style.

From then to now

Douwe Egberts coffee continues to bring coffee lovers the smallest of pleasures to life, turning moments of pause into indulgences, rewarding people with aroma, richness and subtle sophistication with every sip.