Drew Barrymore Sings To Us About Wine

An interview is at its best when a question provokes the subject to see his or her own life in an unexpected way.
But it was even better for me last weekend. The opposite occurred when I sat with Drew Barrymore at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival.

I had come to this festival for reasons that I didn’t fully understand. And while under a huge white exposition tent, I approached the actress to ask about the new wine being introduced in her name.

One thing I know about wine. Everybody has his or her own personal entry point. I sensed that her wine meant something special to her simply because it’s a Pinot Grigio.

When it comes to the world’s great wines, Pinot Grigio never enters discussions. It’s a light white wine that knows how to refresh a warm spring or — better yet — hot summer day. It comes from a humble grape that blends into the moment, never tries to steal the scene, preferring to fit in, relaxed and comfortable.

Few people outside of a certain area in Italy would even think about starting a wine label around a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Because Drew chose to start with a grape that had absolutely no ego, I was curious if there was a moment that sparked the endeavor.

She poured two glasses, handed me one, and out of nowhere, asked: “What’s the best moment you’ve had today?”
We had just met, and therefore there was no way she could have known what a loaded question that was.

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