Drink at this bar in Berlin and pay whatever you want

In Berlin, you can be sucked into paying quite a few euros for a meal, let alone a glass of wine. But if you’re coming to this city, there’s a restaurant you need to try, not only for its food and wine, but for its ancient honour code. At Weinerei, you pay what you want.

After 8pm every night, the owners of this cozy restaurant turn the place into an intimate bar where you can drink all the wine your heart desires, and also nibble on their buffet food. All you have to do is place two euros for your wine glass and then help yourself to as much vino as you like. Once your evening is over, simply pay as much as you think your food, wine and experience was worth. There is no menu to tell you how much anything costs. There is no waiter giving you a bill. It’s all up to you (and your financial situation!).

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