Drinkers Reconsider Their Lifestyle Choices With Food-inspired Cocktails

Food-inspired cocktails that offset the effect of alcohol are set to become a trend in 2017, according to Trendhunter.

As the health and wellness movement continues to push consumers to reconsider their lifestyle choices, many are opting for cocktails infused with ingredients such as root vegetables and fermented foods. This progression proves that in addition to the interest in lower calorie beverages, consumers are also interested in incorporating rejuvenating ingredients that proactively nourish the body during alcohol consumption.

Take this savoury carrot cocktail, for instance. This decadent boozy beverage is loaded with vegetables and dry gin. The carrot-based cocktail is inspired by Los Angeles-based eatery Birch and takes its sweetness from the popular orange vegetable. While the drink is made with veggies, it is remarkably refreshing and full of healthy sugar-based alternatives.

Screenshot 2017 01 10 at 09.55.58 Drinkers Reconsider Their Lifestyle Choices With Food inspired Cocktails