Drinking Espresso Makes You Less Likely To Die, Italian Scientists Find

In a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition, Italian researchers observed a link between consuming “Italian-style coffee” (espresso) and “lower risks of all-cause and, specifically, of [cardiovascular disease] mortality.”

Researchers followed for an eight-year period 20,487 individuals with no cardiovascular disease (CVD) or cancer at the beginning of the study. Each of the participants also drank at least 30ml of espresso each day—roughly the size of a ristretto, because again, Italy. Participants’ dietary information was also considered in the study, and when compared to non-espresso consumers, the study’s participants had between 15% and 28% instances of all-call mortality based on the average number of coffees consumed daily, with the low end being those who drank 4+ espressos and the high end being those who consumed 3-4 daily.

Researchers believe the positive outcomes could be associated with NTproBNP, a peptide found in the body that “likely mediates the relationship between coffee intake and all-cause mortality.”

Do what the scientists tell you and go grab yourself a life-prolonging espresso. Or, do what the other scientists tell you and drink bulletproof coffee with Cannabutter. It’s better for your heart, you know.