Drinking wine without the headaches

Do you always struggle with a headache after drinking wine? Maybe it’s not the alcohol in your wine giving you a headache the next morning.

Most wine contains antioxidants to stop the wine from spoiling, white wine usually contains more than red. Some people are sensitive to these preservatives and it causes an asthmatic like reaction or more commonly headache.

According to a report on ABC.cet, James Pennington a Margaret River winemaker for decades, has created a solution using approximately 3% hydrogen peroxide solution that reacts with the wine to reduce the amount of anti oxidant in the wine.

He claims that anybody who has a reaction to preservatives in wine can use his drops to reduce the antioxidant sulphate in wine, and therefore reduce their chance of an adverse reaction.

Gary Kennedy is a food safety expert with more than 20 years experience and agrees it will reduce the antioxidant content of the wine, but clearly states:

“If you’re highly allergic to the preservatives in wine, I would be avoiding any wine that contains preservatives, even wine you’ve hit with hydrogen peroxide, in case it doesn’t get rid of all of it.”