Dutch Students Invent Powdered Booze to Sneak Into Clubs

Using fake ID’s is a thing of a past.  Minors can now buy alcohol guilt free and more importantly hassle free via Booz2Go. Dutch students from the Helicon Vocational Institute, which is not surprisingly only an hour’s drive from Amsterdam, have invented powdered alcohol that can be sold to minors. What a shocker!!

The latest innovation in inebriation was developed as part of their final-year project. Booz2Go powder is sold in 20-gram packets ($1.35 – $2) that once dissolved deliver 3% alcohol content nicely camouflaged by the lime-colouring and flavour.

The current legal drinking age in Netherlands is 16, and the powder can be legally sold since the alcohol is not in liquid form.

Source: trendhunter.com