Duvel Brews A New Tripel Hop With The Exclusive Cashmere Hop Variety

Duvel has launched the very first Duvel Tripel in 2007. Ever since the brewery is constantly looking for new varieties of hops to match with the authentic taste of Duvel. This year, they have succeeded in creating an original flavour blend made with an exclusive hop variety “Cashmere”.

Duvel Tripel Hop Cashmere is a beer for the connoisseurs. It’s the product of crossing a female “Cascade” hop plant with a make “Northern Brewer” hop plant.

The result is a one-off brew with an alcohol content of 9.5%. In the world of hops, it’s a highly sought-after newcomer.

According to Brewermaster Hedwig, it wasn’t easy to get their hands on Cashmere hops. Because it’s a new variety, there is currently only limited stock available.

To get your hands on Duvel Tripel Cashmere, contact The Belgian Beer Company.