Easter Party Ideas for Adults

Do you have any party plans for Easter weekend? To be honest, Easter is not really known for being a wild party holiday like St. Patrick’s Day or Mardi Gras. Most know Easter as a family-friendly holiday. However, why should the kids have all the fun during this holiday season? It’s also a good time to relive those good childhood memories you have. Here are some Easter party ideas for adults.

Paint Your Own Eggs

Get creative! Paint your eggs with the same designs used for tattoos. You can also paint it with colours of your favourite sports team. It’s a good way to let your creativity run loose.

Running of the Bunnies

It’s like the Running of the Bulls in Spain, but it has cuter animals. Instead of buying bunny ears, you get a full-body bunny costume. Now, start chasing your guests! Check out Uptown Jungle if you’re looking for some interesting places to host your next Easter party.

The Great Egg Race

You did this when you were a kid and now, it’s time to turn it into a grown-up event. Traditionally, this event involves teams of 2 racing with a hard-boiled egg on a spoon. The goal was to win the race without breaking the egg. However, this event can have its own twists to it. One idea is the Easter Egg Relay Lace. In this event, you have to untie the shoelaces of your team and race to the finish without breaking the eggs in the spoon. Another event idea is the 2 leg egg race. It’s just the 2 leg race, but you have to carry 2 spoons with the eggs on it.

Test Your Easter Knowledge

Do you think you know everything about Easter? Put it to test. You and your guest will see who knows their Easter, and who don’t know jack (or Jesus that is). It has fun without any sin or guilt involved! Try this Easter Quiz.

Make some Easter Cocktails

Spice up your next Easter party with an Easter Cocktail. Your Easter egg hunt will never be the same and will be extremely fun if knock back a couple of these Easter-inspired drinks.