Emergency Coffee Creamers That Might Be Hiding in Your Pantry

If you’re not a black coffee drinker, you might be struggling just a little right now, especially if you’re not a fan of non-dairy powdered creamer. After all, not only are you stuck at home, but you could be stuck at home with another person, and that person might be using all the half & half.

Trying to limit trips to the grocery store, combined with the perishable nature of dairy, might be exacerbating this condition, which is why it’s nice to know all the creamy options that might be hiding in your pantry.

The obvious choices

If you can handle plain milk in your coffee boxed milk is always an option or boxed whipping cream. A humble can of evaporated milk is also a very good option.

Evaporated milk is (obviously) not entirely evaporated, but it is richer and fattier than normal, refrigerated milk, though not as rich and fatty as half & half. And that’s exactly what it tastes like—somewhere between milk and half & half. Once you open it, you’ll need to store the rest in the fridge.

Then we have sweetened and condensed milk, which is just an absolute treat. It’s what makes Thai coffee and tea so good and you don’t need a lot of it to make a very creamy, very sweet cup of coffee. It also stores quite well in a repurposed jam jar and lasts a very long time.

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