English Wine-Seller Uses Prince Harry`s Nude Photos for Wine Labels

At least it’s a step up from a Hitler wine label! An English wine company has taken Prince Harry’s naked gaffe in Vegas and turned it into a fruitful new venture, a Prince Harry-themed wine.

Shortly after the Royal’s little slip-up was exposed to the world, Peter Creek of Sheldon’s Wine Cellars created a new wine label featuring Harry. The wine company and artist Dan Lacey quickly drafted a cartoon image of Prince Harry’s snafu and put the bottles on shelves.

Creek told the Cotswold Journal that sales of the rosé are up 200 percent. Said Creek, “We haven’t done anything like this before but we thought this merited a bit of fun and was too good an opportunity to miss.”

So far, Prince Harry and Buckingham Palace haven’t requested a bottle, but you can get one for a cool £7.50.