Enjoy quality cheese platters, wine and coffee at Haskell`s tasting room

Big changes are afoot at Haskell Vineyards. In coming weeks we will be kicking off a major renovation of the restaurant premises.

It is a more substantial project than we originally planned, but the upside is that once it is finished we will have something special to share with old friends and new. We will keep you up to speed with progress as the year progresses.

In the meantime, we want to make sure that everyone knows it is business as usual in the tasting room. And whilst at the moment we don’t have the charm of Long Table Restaurant to lure you up the hill, we do have our full range of award winning wines available to taste.

To the offering we have added a quality cheese platter from Dalewood Fromage that you can relax with over a glass( or bottle) of wine. For those who are looking for a sensational cup of coffee, we have given the Faema a polish, and bought some outstanding, Fairtrade sourced beans from various corners of the continent. We’re turning out a magic brew at the moment, and will be changing the roast and coffee source throughout the year so pop on in this winter and warm your bones with one of the freshest and tastiest brews in Stellenbosch.

And once you get here the views, as always, are magnificent, and free.