Everything You Need to Know About Pairing Beer with Food

You’ve most definitely heard of wine pairings, those endless flights of reds and whites guiding guests through highbrow multicourse dinner affairs.

But did you know beer is just as easily suited to culinary greatness as its more refined sister?

According to Certified Cicerone Anne Becerra. there are a few things beer can bring to the table that wine can’t. “Beer is carbonated, making it an ideal choice to refresh your palate. The layers of depth and complexity are unparalleled, and the possibility of flavor combinations is endless.”

Beer pairings can be as fun as they are mind-blowing, giving drinkers the chance to sample their way through a huge assortment of styles from crisp, dry lagers to hop-heavy Imperial IPAs, all the while seeing how they match with some of their favorite foods.

“I think the most surprised reactions I’ve seen come from people realizing that food really can change their perception of a beer,” Becerra says. “I’ve seen someone literally spit out a smoky Rauchbier on its own, but then love it paired with venison stew.”

But if you thought creating a pairing menu was as simple, think again.

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