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Excessive Coca-Cola Might Have Contributed to the Death of a Young Woman

A young New Zealand mother tragically died of a heart attack in early February. Natasha Harris, 30, was a stay at home mother of eight children. According to her partner, Chris Hodgkinson, Harris drank about 2.1 to 2.6 gallons of Coca-Cola everyday. Hodgkinson said that Harris would even drink some before going to sleep and would wake up and take a drink from next to her bed.

When she suffered the heart attack, efforts were made to revive Harris, but they were not successful. Pathologist, Dr. Dan Mornin, stated that there were many factors that contributed to her death that could possibly be led back to the beverage. Harris had low potassium levels, hypokalemia, and toxic levels of caffeine. It was also believed that a poor diet and smoking about 30 cigarettes a day played a role as well in Harris’ death.

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