Experts warn about new Vaportini drinking craze

EXPERTS have today warned against a new ‘Vaportini’ drinking craze, suggesting the inhalation of alcohol “has the potential to be a very dangerous phenomenon”.

New devices, available to buy on the internet, allow users to breath in alcohol fumes after heating liquor.

One brand, the ‘Vaportini’, can be bought for $45 (£27) from an American website.

It promises a “revolutionary way of consuming alcohol”, with the consumer enjoying “the advantage of almost no calories; no carbs [carbohydrates], no impurities”.

The ‘Vaportini’ is also said to speed up the effects of alcohol consumption.

However, UK charity Drinkaware, which promotes responsible drinking, has warned against the dangers of inhaling alcohol.

Professor Chris Day, from Newcastle University and an adviser to Drinkaware, said: “Inhaling alcohol is a very new trend so there isn’t yet any scientific data of the effects but it has the potential to be a very dangerous phenomenon and as such, we would advise people to be cautious if indeed they do decide to try it.

“The fact that it bypasses your body’s natural defence mechanisms against consuming too much alcohol means it is unsafe.”

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