Fancy a cheeky Tanzanian red? Five African wines making a splash

South Africa may be the dominant force in Africa’s wine economy, but as the continent’s middle class emerges and disposable incomes increase, entrepreneurs in some unlikely destinations are making inroads in the fine wine industry.

As the world’s eighth largest wine producer, South Africa’s wine trade contributed 26.2 billion rand ($2.4 billion) to the country’s economy with exports increasing by more than a quarter in 2013, according to the South African Wine Industry Information and Systems.

Matome Mbatha, market manager at Wines of South Africa, said that wine is becoming increasingly popular on the continent but the industry is still in its infancy outside South Africa.

He added: “The process of production and sustainability of wine in African nations, other than South Africa, still has a long way to go in order to be competitive in the global market. We are still to see another African country produce wine at the level and quality of South Africa.”

By opening vineyards and chateaus across the continent, some of Africa’s lesser known winemakers are hoping to challenge that assertion and South Africa’s 350-year dominance of the region’s wine business.