Farm-Fresh Wine Packaging

The unassuming label that adorns Five Rows Icewine is free from pretension and hopelessly endearing in its design.

The Canadian firm InSite Design created this packaging in an effort to place icewine on the list of staples every kitchen needs. Playing off the adorably homely packaging of market fresh vegetables and butter, InSite choose to affix the label to the bottle using nothing more than a lowly rubber elastic band.

icewine Farm Fresh Wine Packaging

The packaging houses detailed tasting notes on the flip side, which can be easily accessed thanks to the rubber band. The clear bottle is reminiscent of milk bottles from a bygone era, further illustrating the icewine’s rightful place in your grocery cart of essentials. For an added personal touch, the labels are signed off with a hand drawn signature by Wes Lowrey, the winemaker himself.