Feminist targets female palate with gin liqueur

A self-proclaimed feminist has created a new gin liqueur “tailored to the female palate”, called Pomp and Whimsy.

Dr Nicola Nice created Pomp and Whimsy as she believes “major producers” have “systematically ignored or misrepresented their female audiences” for years.

Dr Nice boasts 15 years’ experience advising Fortune 500 companies on international branding and consumers insights.

Now, she hopes to “revolutionise” the spirits industry for women with the launch of Pomp and Whimsy.

Pomp and Whimsy is made using 16 botanicals, including juniper, coriander, angelica, grapefruit, bitter orange, lychee, cucumber, raspberry, lavender and jasmine tea pearls.

Bottled at 30% abv, Pomp and Whimsy is described as having light citrus and exotic fruit flavours, leading to a dry, warm spice, juniper finish.

Dr Nice hopes to bring a “fourth wave of feminism” to the alcohol industry with her new product, arguing “female branding, where it exists, is often reductionist, simplifying femininity to purely stereotypical portrayals of women (think pink and sparkly, overly sexualised or diet obsessed”.

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