Festive Fare for a Season to Remember

It’s the season of goodwill, of togetherness and sharing; of friends and family getting together, gathering around the table and memories being made. To enhance these golden days the Creation Culinary Team takes pleasure in bringing you an exceptional array of tried and tested recipes to prepare and share with your loved ones – along with the perfect pairing wines of course!

According to Creation’s Carolyn Martin – a pairing expert of note – these festive recipes are based on authentic South African Christmas dishes, but with a delightful and delectable twist. “Our talented Creation Culinary Team is renowned for their innovation and they love to deconstruct classic recipes, turning yesteryear’s favourites into today’s fine cuisine. The recipes are the result of no less than six gifted chefs pooling their talents to present you with a kaleidoscope of aromas, flavours, textures and colours. Whether you’re planning a long table lunch or a more intimate candlelight affair, it is our sincere hope that this, our gift to you, will contribute to a truly memorable and joyous Festive Season.”

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