Festive tipples that won’t give you a hangover

The party season is officially here and with it (and all to often) come the after effects — that dreadful hangover.

This year, it may well be easier to avoid the pain thanks to a couple of products that entered the market in 2017. From organic booze and no-alcohol wines, there’s head-friendly products for everyone who wants to embrace ‘cleaner’ living.

Lautus Savvy White

The all-new Lautus Savvy White hits the spot without the guilt. It’s South Africa’s very first de-alcoholised wine, crafted like no other and with a single goal in mind: to deliver the best of the grape in the healthiest possible way. The wine is made traditionally with an additional phase right before bottling, when a special spinning technique removes the booze without eliminating all of Nature’s goodness.

This new no-guilt wine is big on flavour yet low in calories (52 kJ per 100ml) and contains less than 0,5% alcohol by volume – the same traces you will find in two-day-old orange juice in your fridge – which means it is even friendlier to your health. In a world where over-indulgence is the new norm, Lautus is a ray of light. It is to be enjoyed in its most natural form, without the restrictions of alcohol.

Lautus Savvy White is made by Holder Vineyard & Wines and is available at selected Woolworths stores and online at www.drinklautus.com. It retails for R59.95/bottle.

Zari Sparkling Grape Juice

Local brand Zari Sparkling Grape juice, a premium non-alcoholic bubbly from the Robertson region, is ticking all the boxes of delivering on its customer expectations, with its “unboxing” campaign – capitalising on one of the biggest global trends of recent years.

Celebrate OpeningsZari’s tagline speaks for itself . The 100% Cape Muscat Seedless Grape varietals from which Zari Noble Ruby Red and Royale Gold White are produced, adds a sense of occasion for tasting and toasting at any event.

Zari is currently available at Pick ‘n Pay, Spar (Western Cape) and 1UP Cash & Carry and retails for R39.99 (screwcap) and for R49.99 (pop cork)

Clear heads all round. Cheers to that!