Festive Wine Lamps

Light up your Christmas table with recycled wine bottles this festive season.  They are supper easy to make and creates an awesome effect.

  • Coloured bottles will work nicely with plain lights.
  • Wash the wine bottles thoroughly to remove any traces of alcohol. Allow them to dry naturally and completely before you use them. Placing them out in the sun will speed the drying process.
  • Find the shortest strings of Christmas lights available. You need about 30 lights for each wine bottle.
  • Drill a hole. Place a folded towel underneath the bottle you are working on. Use an electric drill and a glass Drill Bit to bore a hole on the side, near the bottom of the bottle. The hole should be at least one-fourth inch in diameter.
  • Clean out the inside of the bottle to remove the dust from the drilling.
  • Invert the bottle and insert the Christmas light bulbs one by one. Inverting the bottle will ensure that the light bulbs are distributed better inside the bottle.
  • Display the wine bottle night lights in areas in your house where these will be needed. You can also use these wine bottle night lights as decoration during the holidays and other festive occasions where the night lights will provide gentle and subtle illumination to set the mood.
  • Do not put caps on the bottles so that the heat from the Christmas lights will not be trapped inside.
  • You can always add some decoration to the outside of the bottle. Pick up some fake grape leaves or simply adding a little ribbon does the trick.