California fights drought with beer brewed from recycled water sourced from NASA

Mavericks Brewing company is aiding the dangerously dry conditions in Cali by making one of its signature lines with purified water.

The years-long drought in California has caused massive amounts of damage to the state, running several towns dry in addition to draining the agriculture industry and the landscape. Other than asking residents to severely cut back on their water use, there have been virtually zero viable options for coping with the situation at large. One company has taken on the challenge of the drought by coming up with a clever way to circumvent it. Mavericks Brewing, a brewery based in Northern California, has begun to experiment with using local greywater as an alternative base for their craft beer.

The recycled, high-purity water is sourced from NASA, and is being used in a prototype of their popular specialty Tunnel Vision beer.

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