First came the plastic cork, now get ready for the paper wine bottle

The UK will soon see the launch of the world’s first paper wine bottle. It may have oenophiles spluttering into their claret, but the company behind the product is already in talks with a leading supermarket chain and insists it will be on the shelves early next year.

With the UK poised to run out of space for landfill within seven years, the bottle’s makers claim biodegradable packaging will become a paramount issue for both consumers and manufacturers. The paper bottle weighs only 55g compared with 500g for a glass bottle, meaning transport costs will be hugely reduced. In addition, its carbon footprint is only 10% of that of a glass bottle. The paper bottle is compostable and decomposes in weeks.

Greenbottle, the company behind the product, already manufactures the world’s first paper milk bottle, which is being tested in Asda stores in the south west of England and is apparently proving popular with ethically minded customers.

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