Personal Trainer Releases Fitness Vodka for Exercise Junkies

Fitness junkies rejoice! You can have your vodka and eat it too thanks to an Auckland personal trainer!

New Zealand’s first amino-vodka health drink, Pure Amino, has been invented by personal trainer and fitness food advocate Dene Flude. The range targets those who lead an active lifestyle but still want to enjoy a social drink with friends.

The vodka drink currently comes in two flavours – raspberry lemon and strawberry kiwi. It is made with a lot of water, so you’ll stay more hydrated while drinking and it should leave you hangover free. They use whey-based vodka and the drink is carbohydrate and sugar-free!

To this they added four amino acids, that help to preserve lean muscle, create protein and stimulate muscles for better performance.

Best of all, it’s only 100 calories a pop.