Five Australian Wines For Every Budget

Australian wine offerings continue to grow and expand thanks to the remarkable array of established and emerging producers. This article takes a look at some top pick of Australian wines and the best part; you don’t need to spend top dollar to get these quality bottles of wine.

The wine selection in this list is mostly available for $20 or less. You can carry them to a dinner party and won’t have to worry about offending your host’s sensibilities.

Wickham’s Road Sauvignon Blanc

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While many wine snobs in the industry hate Sauvignon Blanc, this particular bottle hits just the right spot. Sure you can run into the mediocre ones occasionally, but mediocrity is something everyone faces in life one way or another. An excellent choice of sauv blanc is the Wickham’s Road sauv blanc. It is a delicious, chargrilled, lemony mouthwatering glassful of refreshment and intrigue. The 2012 Wickham’s Road Sauvignon Blanc is sure to offer you comfort in a glass.

Balnaves of Coonawarra

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Merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and Balnaves have remained one of the greatest makers of cabernet wines in Australia. The chocolate and brambly (more cocoa than dairy milk) and tannins will coat your taste buds with the slightest lick of eucalypt. This bottle is also sure to keep you happy for a couple of years.

Leo Buring Dry Clare Riesling

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This brand of wine is an Australian icon and for good reasons. It coats your cheeks with fresh, citrus classic Riesling expression all for the low price of $20. It is a beautiful, dry and thrilling bottle of wine.

De Bortoli Village Pinot Noir

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The “Village” part in the naming of this wine is a sort of tribute to village wines of Burgundy. These wines are made with grapes from different villages and usually the most economical. It is tough to find a bottle of Pinot noir under $20, so this bottle is rare indeed. It combines the lovely taste of strawberries, notes of wood, brown spice, perfume and has a nice beat. This is one wine that is hard to beat.

Pewsey Vale Riesling

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As a category, Riesling section of wines under $20 usually offer the best quality grapes at that price. In fact, this list could have been filled entirely with Riesling wines. The Pewsey conatus more aromatics when compared to the Buring. It contains the essence of springtime and citrus blossoms making it fall just short of spectacular and complimented with a great finish. It is a delightful wine that showcases the brilliance of Riesling and how underrated they are.


There you have it, a list of 5 of some of the best Australian wines you can find under $20. Now you can enjoy great tasting wines will maintaining your budget. Most people assume that you need to spend top dollar before you can enjoy a good bottle of wine but that’s far from the truth. As you can see, you can enjoy several bottles of exceptional wine for just $20. So next time your friends come over for dinner you can entertain them with one of the bottles on this list. If you are from UK and having these Wines Click Here to get more news on drinks and finance.