Flavoured Vodkas That Don’t Exist But Should

Since flavoured vodkas have provided so much joy in the form of blog materialFoodiggity would like to pay it forward with a few flavour suggestions of their own. And, based on current food trends, these suggestions might even act as an accurate looking glass into vodka’s already doomed future. Please drink this in responsibly.

SRIRACHA FIN 150x150 Flavoured Vodkas That Don’t Exist But ShouldSriracha Vodka

At the time of this writing, there is no other food item on the planet with a more rabid fan base than Sriracha. So, it only makes sense that the flavored vodka people find a way to make cock-vodka happen. Pair it with: Anything… Just like actual Sriracha.


CORN DOG FIN2 150x150 Flavoured Vodkas That Don’t Exist But ShouldCorn Dog Vodka

Carnival grub on-the-go gets a much needed upgrade. Deep-fried corn batter with notes of salty tubed meat — now with the bonus sting of 40% alcohol. Pair it with: Ketchup and mustard chasers.


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