Flying Fish Adds Refreshing Apple Flavour To Its Hard Seltzer Range

Fueled by the thirsty and health-conscious citizens of South Africa, Flying Fish has added a third flavour to its Hard Seltzer range. Made with refreshing sparkling water and alcohol with a burst of bubbles and a dash of fruit juice, the new Flying Fish Seltzer Apple, is the first apple-flavoured Hard Seltzer in South Africa.

Flying Fish Seltzer Apple Flavour is the perfect drink for all occasions and guilt-free enjoyment, whether it’s daytime vibes with friends or after-work drinks on a weekday. Boasting a 5.5% ABV, the new beverage follows global health trends as brands shift away from sugared alcoholic drinks and towards healthier and refreshing alternatives. Available in 300ml slim cans, Flying Fish Seltzer Apple Flavour is definitely the healthier option, even for those hitting the gym with low sugar and calories too – all while delivering on real flavour and real refreshment.

Meet Low Sugar Bae – the Soft Life Guru and author of The Book of Soft Life.

It happened in a moment of pampering- while lounging in a plush robe, having a pedicure in Sandton and nibbling on light, scrumptious snacks, Low Sugar Bae opened a can of Flying Fish Seltzer. Unbeknownst to him, a sip of this refreshing hard seltzer would bring about an epiphany. Clear as the sparkling liquid in this can, he could see that opening a can of Flying Fish Seltzer is like opening a can of Soft Life. In that defining moment of cushiony wokeness, he decided to dedicate his life to sharing the Soft Life bubbles of wisdom found in this can.

The new Flying Fish Apple flavoured Hard Seltzer like the rest of the #FFSelzer range (Lemon & Lime and Raspberry) is available at major group retailers namely Checkers, Shoprite, Pick n Pay and Tops, Makro, Norman Goodfellows, Tiger’s Milk and other smaller independent outlets.

Try it now and you too will see that friendships grow where friendships are watered with Flying Fish Seltzer and that there are levels to this Soft Life thing. Get a taste of the softer things in life, with Flying Fish Hard Seltzer. A hard seltzer made for soft living.