Four Cocktail Recipes to Liven Up a Quiet Night In

There are times in life when we all end up feeling overly socialized. After a busy week of dinner parties, date nights and drinks down the pub, you start to crave some time on your own, to crack open a bottle of wine, binge-watch your favourite show on Netflix and be beholden to no one’s enjoyment but your own.  

But alone time doesn’t have to equate to wasting your weekend. In fact, there are plenty of ways to spice up a solitary Saturday or Sunday, so long as you have the right drink to hand and a few ideas to inspire you…  

Rose punch 

punch Four Cocktail Recipes to Liven Up a Quiet Night In

The perfect reminder of summer now that the evenings are starting to draw in, rose punch tastes like Pimm’s but with an added kick to it. It’s fantastically easy to make, being a simple combination of pink wine, sherry, fruit, and honey, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious. We suggest drawing the curtains, turning on the central heating, and pouring from a pitcher while enjoying a suitably summery flick on your big screen TV. Sounds pretty paradisiacal, doesn’t it?    

Vietnamese mojito 

cilantro mojito 7 Four Cocktail Recipes to Liven Up a Quiet Night In

A classic mojito cocktail is suited to every imaginable occasion, yet we have a rare improvement on the original to entice you with: the Vietnamese version. This oriental invention goes perfectly with a Chinese or Thai meal, so put on your comfiest clothes and get ready to indulge. You’re going to need lime, mint and perilla leaves, rum, sugar syrup, ginger and lemongrass cordial and soda water to create your cocktail, but once you’re stocked up, it’s super simple to make: Just fill your glass with ice, add your pre-mixed ingredients, top with a drizzle of soda and garnish accordingly. It will go down a treat with a belly full of Pad Thai to welcome it. 


michelada 925437 960 720 Four Cocktail Recipes to Liven Up a Quiet Night In

Now we look to Mexico for inspiration, and the spice and sass of a cold lager classic: the inimitable michelada. A beautiful blend of cold lager, chili powder, pepper, and lime, this belly burning aperitif goes perfectly with a chancy roll of the dice, so take a look at some online casino recommendations such as the list compiled by Casino Games Canada, which opens in a new window if you click on the link. Try your damnedest to win. If fickle fortune favours you, your solo evening in might just help to bankroll a more companionable night out. 

Singapore Sling 

destination flavour singapore ep 8 raffles singapore sling e1537176075958 Four Cocktail Recipes to Liven Up a Quiet Night In

If you want something that’s really easy to make for yourself, the Singapore Sling is another one to try. The perfect drink for helping you feel relaxed and mellow after a hard week at work, it’s best sipped with a good book in hand, so you can feel suitably cultured even when you find yourself a little bit tipsy. It tastes great on your tongue too, thanks to its combination of pineapple juice, cherry brandy, Benedictine, gin, and more. Check this page out for the super simple recipe you’ll need to follow, as well as a few extra rainy day ideas.   

The only question remaining is this: Which of these cocktails are you going to try first?