Franschhoek Wine Dog of the Month: February

Meet Peggy-Sue the fun loving nine-year-old Staffie, the Franschhoek Wine Dog for February, and whose owner is La Bri winemaker Irene Waller.

According to Irene, Peggy-Sue has a distinct passion for Merlot says Irene. She also has a keen sense for ripeness and will taste all, but only eat the grapes when they are ready to harvest.

Peggy-Sue is Irene’s constant companion in the vineyards and uses these opportunities to stick her head underneath a bunch of succulent grapes and take a sniff here and there. As the grapes ripen she will start to taste them, helping herself to more if they are to her liking (eating the berries – pips and all!), but will only taste once if not ripe enough. By the time the grapes are ready to be harvested Irene has to stop her from nibbling the bottom of the bunches as they wander through the vineyards.