French winemakers hijack Spanish wine tankers on motorway

French winemakers have sent tens of thousands of litres of Spanish wine gushing onto the motorway in southern France, in protest at mass produced foreign wine entering the country.

Infuriated French winemakers in Languedoc-Roussillon turned on the taps of tankers full of red wine being transported in bulk from Spain, allowing it to gush out onto the motorway tarmac.

Angered by reports of a sharp rise in Spanish wine imports coming into France in 2015, 150 French growers gathered at Le Boulou motorway toll station, fewer than 10 miles from the Spanish border, to monitor the number of wine tankers coming into France.

The high number of tankers passing through caused anger among the growers, some of whom hijacked five tankers and flooded the motorway with tens of thousands of litres of red wine.

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