From Moscato to tequila: what do pop and rock stars drink?

A new study has revealed the wines that fans of different music tend to drink. But what do musical icons like Beyoncé and Kanye West like to quaff?

When they’re not sipping on wheatgrass juice or glugging a protein shake, these singers like to ditch the diet and relax with their favourite alcoholic drink. Ever wondered what Lady Gaga’s usual is? Panicked about what you’d order for Madonna if you saw her down the pub? Well wonder no more.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z – Armand de Brignac Champagne

It’s only the best for this super-couple. Beyoncé and her other half keep up their reputation as pop royalty with a classic fizz. Costing over £200 a pop, one can only guess at how many bottles were sunk during their recent sell-out ‘On the Run’ tour.

Kanye West – Moscato

Although Kanye counts Beyonce and Jay-Z among his best pals, he does not seem to share their affection for expensive alcoholic drinks. Instead, Kanye West prefers the low percentage, cheap-as-chips Moscato, a sweet, lightly-fizzed wine which has taken the world of rap by storm. As well as being beloved by Kanye, fellow rappers Drake and Lil Kim have featured the wine in their music and Nikki Minaj is the face and brand partner of the Myx Fusions variety.

Bono – Jack Daniels

He’s still a rock star at heart. The U2 frontman and philanthropist likes to stick to classic rock ‘n’ roll whiskey. The Irish singer opts for this all-American classic over a traditional pint of Guiness when he’s down the local.

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