Gary Barlow drinks wine on Xtra Factor

Gary Barlow drinks red wine out of a mug when he appears on ‘The Xtra Factor’. 

The ‘X Factor’ judge – who is mentoring Frankie Cocozza, Marcus Collins and Craig Colton on this year’s show – admitted he likes to unwind with an alcoholic beverage following the “nerve-wracking” experience of filming a live TV show.

He said: “We ask for a couple of bottles of red wine after the show for a little chill out. You can watch out for it this weekend – I have a mug on ‘The Xtra Factor’ and it looks like I’ve got tea in it, but it’s actually a little glass of red wine.

“It’s a hell of a nerve-wracking event on Saturday night and when it ends it does feel as though you’ve been on one of those really fast rollercoasters in Blackpool.”