Gift Ideas for the Beer Connoisseur

So, your significant other, family member of best friend loves beer? We’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve crafted a list of beer gifts that will please the beer geeks in your life.

Beer Brewing Kits

This Basic Brew Kit from BeerLab is an easy way to start brewing your own beer and includes all the basic fermentation and testing equipment required to make your first batch. The equipment is easy to use and is completely expandable to accommodate your future brewing needs. Makes 23 litre batches.

Beer Chilling Coasters

There’s nothing worse than a warm beer. Get these beer chilling coasters for the hop-lover in your life. Prepare this stone coaster set in your refrigerator or freezer, for a naturally chill round of beers.

Beer Infused Coffee

Keep your beer lover perky with some beer infused coffee. This specialty coffee blended was made to mimic different styles of beer. The Chocolate Stout coffee will bring you flavors of fresh roasted coffee, hints of hops paired with various varieties of roasted barley to add a little sweetness and roasted cocoa nibs to bring a wonderful chocolate aroma and flavour!

Beer Soap

This rustic beer soap will not make you smell like a brewery, but it does contain healing hops that gives beer some great health benefits.


Bottle Opener Sunglasses

Gone are the days of searching high and low for something to use as a makeshift bottle opener in a pinch. These bottle opener sunglasses from BrewSees are functional and stylish!

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