Ginger Beer Vs Ginger Ale: Which One Should You Use?

When you were younger and had stomach cramps, you might remember your parents making you drink a glass of ginger ale to help relieve some of the pain. Ginger, after all, has been known to contain natural medicinal properties that aid in common digestive problems such as diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

As you got older, though, you started to realize that ginger is not just perfect for tummy troubles, it’s also a great ingredient for a different kind of stress reliever­­––mixing cocktails.

But aside from both drinks being made of ginger as their main ingredient, are they really the same? Is one really better than the other in terms of taste and health benefits?

What is the difference between Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer?

If ginger ale is a non-alcoholic drink, then ginger beer must be alcoholic, right? Why else, will it be called beer for no reason? Although ginger beer is naturally fermented and brewed, it is still classified as non-alcoholic because it’s alcohol content is only less than 0.5% as per FDA requirements.

Another difference between ginger ale and ginger beer is its taste and aroma. While Ginger ale is mellow and smells sweet, ginger beer has a spicy whiff and gingery taste.