Ginger shots to replace Tequila shots in 2019

The Door, a culinary and hospitality consulting agency, polled over fifty food experts across America for their insight and predictions on what food and drink trends we can expect in 2019.


Sustainability will continue to be the mainstay in bars and restaurants as the world come to gribs with resource management.

Fermented drinks

Fermented drinks like kombucha will become more prominent as health-conscious consumers proceed to condemn artificial products.

Affordable wine

Driven by cash strapped consumers, one of the top predictions by The Door’s trend list for 2019 is more affordable wine on restaurant menus. We can one hope.

Zero-alcohol cocktails

Mocktails can be expected on drinks menus, while swapping tequila shots for nutrient-rich ginger shots seems to be one of the more moot predictions by the panel of experts.

Here are the top 20 trend predictions for dining in 2019

  1. Restaurants offering all-day dining
  2. Cheap wine on menus
  3. Phoneless eating
  4. Fusion Cuisine
  5. Kelp, kelp and more kelp
  6. Restaurants keeping notes on guests
  7. Building dishes with flexibility for allergens
  8. Plant proteins
  9. Hybrid or “Flavored” Chocolates
  10. Tableside presentations
  11. “Imperfect” produce (also called “ugly” produce)
  12. Boutique menus
  13. Classic cooking techniques versus gimmicks
  14. Menus marking dishes on with footnotes on nutritional value
  15. Fermented and preserved food and drinks
  16. Super Succulents
  17. Bycatch fish (fish caught by accident while fishing)
  18. Consolidation of all the home delivery services
  19. Restaurant swag will make a comeback
  20. Zero proof cocktails