Glen Carlou Celebrates The End Of Harvest With A Special Easter Offer

Harvest at Glen Carlou is very hands-on. Many of our 35 vineyard and cellar team members have been with us for an extraordinary number of years. They understand the lay of the land and the development of the vines throughout the seasons. They know how to work their way through a vineyard when the grapes are at optimal ripeness.

Early February on a clear and slightly cool morning we set afoot into the vineyard to capture some of the magic of harvest. As the sun started to rise over the Drakenstein Mountains and lighten the vineyard, our team moved through the vineyard row by row quickly and methodically to ensure the grapes made their way to the cellar in the most ideal condition. And as the sun started to warm our backs all 5 hectares were picked, in the cellar and ready to be pressed.

So, pour yourself a glass of Chardonnay and enjoy some of what we captured that day as we take you through the Glen Carlou Chardonnay Journey. 

We have all of our egg wines in one basket, and then some. Our little hatchery of 8 Nomblot egg tanks was relocated to the winery cellar at the end of last year to improve production efficiencies.

These incredible fermenting vessels create their own convection and allow the lees to float in suspension while the wine goes through fermentation, producing textually rich wines on the palate. Not only are these egg tanks used for the making of the Unwooded Chardonnay but also has some of our exclusive offerings to Wine Club members, such as the 2017 Collection Sauvignon Blanc

White holiday box

In the theme of the upcoming holidays enjoy these wines in a special 6 bottle box which includes 3 bottles of the 2018 Unwooded Chardonnay and 3 bottles of the 2017 Collection Sauvignon Blanc for R595, normally R741.


Hint of chocolate box

If you have a preference for red this upcoming holiday, you can try our ‘Hint of Chocolate Box’. A 6-bottle case including 3 bottles of our award-winning 2015 Grand Classique and 3 bottles of the newly released 2018 Merlot for R640.

Our 2018 Merlot with subtle oaking has an intriguing complexity. This wine has a textural mid-palate outlining finely grained tannins which frame the concentrated fruit flavours.

Our 2015 Grand Classique made from the five famous Bordeaux varieties exhibits soft spices and concentrated black berry aromas and is an ideal wine to enjoy as we transition though the seasons.