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Glenfiddich adds Beer flavours to its famous Whisky range

Glenfiddich, the family-owned scotch distillery owned by William Grant & Sons has gone a little crazy lately under malt master Brian Kinsman, having a wee bit of fun along the way.

Just in time for Christmas, the single malt distillery has produced two “experimental whiskies”, including one finished in India pale ale (IPA) craft beer casks.

Kinsman said he wanted to work with like-minded “mavericks” to explore the possibilities, and these are the first two of what promises to be an adventurous series of whiskies.

The Glenfiddich IPA Experiment is a collaboration with the nearby Speyside Craft Brewery, which opened just four years ago under a young chemistry graduate, Seb Jones.

While there’s a long tradition of maturing whisky in former sherry, port and bourbon casks – and in Glenfiddich’s case, Caribbean rum casks to finish its 21-year-old single malt – no one had tried a cask that contained beer before, so first up, they had to design a new IPA in a sort of reverse engineering process to make sure the hop flavours complemented the scotch.

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