Glenlivet Introduces Eco-friendly and Edible Whisky Pods

Changing attitudes towards conventional packaging solutions are challenging brands to distribute their products in creative new ways and to do so, whisky brand Glenlivet unveiled an edible Capsule Collection. In partnership with sustainable packaging company Nootka and cocktail legend Alex Kratena, The Glenlivet created “glassless cocktails” that are wrapped in edible, seaweed-based pods.

The startup behind the viral whisky capsules wants to make plastic packaging disappear.

 Notpla named the capsule ‘Ooho,’ based on the sound people make when they see it for the first time.

These consumable capsules offer a completely different way for adults to experience the brand’s products and do so in a sustainable way. The Glenlivet Capsule Collection, unveiled at London Cocktail Week 2019, features edible, fully biodegradable capsules that burst in the mouth to provide a shot of flavor, all without the need for traditional cocktail-making tools and accessories like drinkware, ice or stirrers.

The capsule is not only edible but also composts almost quicker than fruit. Depending on what’s inside the capsules, production takes place from a week to a month in advance. For the 2019 London Marathon, Notpla produced 42,000 capsules (one for each participant). The company was operating a couple of their manufacturing machines at the time of the marathon, five months later they have five machines up and running.