Good times reign supreme at Pernod Ricard South Africa’s Convivial Mixer

Conviviality has people connecting and having fun at Pernod Ricard’s Cape Town Convivial Mixer event but sustainability and responsibility are the underlying themes …

Today, connecting and sharing will be top of the agenda at the Rooftop on Bree where Pernod Ricard South Africa will host its Convivial Mixer for 2019. Bringing together a range of stakeholders, influencers and media under one roof, the Convivial Mixer event will not only allow guests to experience Pernod Ricard’s wide range of premium spirits brands and learn about their rich heritage – they will be pushed out of their comfort zones to meet new friends.   

Guests will be encouraged to ‘mix it up’ and mingle and trust a complete stranger to prepare their favourite cocktail – from a pre-selected list of cocktail ingredients.  

The Convivialists at Pernod Ricard strive to create events that showcase the company’s intent of bringing Good times from a Good place to create a more convivial world, a world that is without excess.

In line with the group’s Sustainability and Responsibility Roadmap to 2030, launched earlier this year, circular making and responsible hosting will be key themes of the evening.

“Through the launch of our sustainability and responsibility goals we have specifically aligned ourselves to protect the environments we live in to benefit our consumers, business and planet and to practice the virtues of responsible consumption, creating ways to live and work together to ensure good times today and for generations to come,” says Dirk Conradie, Public Affairs and S&R Manager.

Pernod Ricard South Africa has been consistent in ensuring that there are no single-use plastics in use, that decorative packaging is kept to a minimum and food is sourced locally. 

Guests will also be encouraged to drink 1-4-1 – supporting the campaign launched in 2018 which encourages the public to consume alcohol responsibly and to prolong conviviality by drinking one bottle of water for each alcoholic beverage consumed.  Then what better way to wrap up great hosting than to use Uber and TaxiRide to ensure that guests arrive safely home?