Google`s Gun Crackdown Leaves Wine Lovers Unable To Search For Burgundy

Following Google Shopping’s crackdown on searches for weapons, users have reported that they were unable to browse for Burgundy wine as it contains the word ‘gun’.

Wine lovers using Google’s shopping service found that searches for Burgundy would bring up the message: “Your search did not match any shopping results”.

Google Shopping allows users to search for a product and compare the prices listed by online retailers.

Despite apparently banning weapons listings in 2012, it has received criticism, especially following the recent shooting in Florida on 14 February, that certain products are still visible.

It is reported that the technology giant removed search results containing the word ‘gun,’ however it seems that it has affected many non gun-related products.

Among the items also drawing blanks were water guns, music by rock bank Guns N’ Roses, nail guns, glue guns and Arsenal Football Club’s Gunnersaurus dinosaur mascot.

One Twitter user wrote: “Google Shopping still allows you to buy arsenic and flamethrowers, but not burgundy wine because it has “gun” in it. Totally imbecilic”.