Graham Norton would drink up to four bottles of wine a night

With his infectious personality, successful career, hordes of celebrity pals and a fortune in the bank, comedian Graham Norton seems to have it all.

But away from the cameras, we can reveal that the telly superstar isn’t just the light-hearted joker he appears – sometimes downing up to four bottles of wine a night and getting so drunk he’s even been found sleeping in his dogs’ bed.

Today, in the most revealing insight ever into the eccentric TV chat show host’s fascinating world, his former boyfriend Trevor Patterson tells how Graham, 50, sometimes drinks until he passes out, spoils his dogs like they are his children and expects to end up old and lonely.

Speaking for the first time since his split with Graham in May, Trevor says: “He is a fantastic man and is loved by everyone but I think he has resigned himself to being alone for ever more. He often says he doesn’t see himself with a family or with someone long-term. It’s sad.

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