Great Wine Capitals Rewards The Team At Creation

Great Wine Capitals (GWC) is a network of major global cities sharing a key economic and cultural asset: their internationally renowned wine regions. Now in its 23rd year, GWC’s Best of Wine Tourism Awards is an international competition designed to reward the wineries in member cities and wine regions that have distinguished themselves in terms of delivering quality experiences to the public.

The latest highlight on the Creation calendar has been the 2022 Best of Wine Tourism Awards ceremony held on the beautiful estate on Tuesday, 12 October. Creation was honoured to win in two of the seven South African categories: Best in Wine Tourism Restaurants and Wine Tourism Services.

Asked what the prestigious awards mean to Creation, Marketing Director Carolyn Martin said they are the culmination of the most challenging time in Creation’s 19-year journey. “These past 18 months have asked for us to be courageous and inventive – to be pioneers. Our chefs and hospitality team were called upon to be more agile, creative and innovative than ever before. Never before has it been so critical for us to support outreach programmes in our community. I see the awards as recognition of our team’s resilience and dedication during a truly challenging time.”

Commenting on Creation’s Best in Restaurants Award, Carolyn said: “We offer a wide range of ever-evolving wine and food pairing experiences, always striving to expand our guests’ culinary horizons with new creations or unique interpretations of classic favourites. Our chefs cater for various dietary and lifestyle preferences and we source more than 80% of our ingredients locally. This means the freshest of produce and has a huge impact on both the environment and the local economy.”

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