Green Monday launches in South Africa

The Humane Society International announced the launch of Green Monday in South Africa.  The new initiative, which aims to improve animal welfare, human health and environmental sustainability, was inaugurated on Monday, 12 October 2015, at Truth Coffee in Cape Town.

What is Green Monday?

It’s about making a difference one meal at a time!
It’s time we start eating green!
Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in!

Green Monday will not only benefit animals, but will also play an important part in improving human health and safeguarding the environment by encouraging and empowering local governments, private companies and individuals to decrease their consumption of eggs, meat and dairy products. South Africa is one of the first countries where HSI is introducing the concept.

At the launch, Tozie Zokufa, program manager for HSI South Africa stated: “Farm animals are often raised in crowded factory farms that pollute the environment, in addition to causing tremendous animal suffering. From land use to water use and water pollution, to greenhouse gas emissions, there are few areas of the environment that aren’t affected in some way by animal agriculture. Cutting back on animal-sourced foods once a week can decrease our environmental footprint and help keep us healthy too. Studies show that individuals who eat a balanced plant-based diet, on average, have lower body weights, decreased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.”

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At GreenMondaySA, we believe that every bite counts! One simple way you can help right now is to replace meat, eggs and milk with plant-based meals on Mondays.

Zokufa concludes: “When South Africans sign on to Green Monday, they make a statement about the kind of world they want to live in and leave to their children. That world will be much healthier, cleaner and more humane.”

What you can do in support of Green Monday

Green Monday is an easy, flexible and fun way to make a positive difference. Eat and serve plant-based meals (no eggs, no meat, no dairy) on Mondays to help animals, improve health, and lessen impact on the environment. Other green activities are also encouraged, such as cutting down on food waste. It’s about making a difference now, one green meal at a time, so that we foster a great life for future generations who will be impacted by the consumption choices we make today.

In support of the movement we will feature a new recipe from the Green Monday website every Monday. This week’s featured recipe is utterly delicious Chicken-free nuggets.

You can make your Green Monday pledge here or read more about the initiative here.