Growler vs. Crowler vs. Howler General Overview

Drinking beer at home or while traveling has always been a great experience. However, storing the beer for later consumption or taking it along with you to share with friends has not been so great. According to Beer Snobs, cans and bottles are the most common ways to store and transport beer that we have seen for many years.

However, some of these cans and the traditional bottles are not resealable, so you can’t save any beer for later. This is where the growler, crowler, and howler come in to provide a solution to this long-standing problem.

Growlers, crowlers, and howlers have now simplified the process of storing and transporting beer. They are resealable, so you can drink as much or as little as you want and save the rest for later. They are also easy to carry around, making them great for sharing with friends.


Growlers are 32 or 64-ounces (half-gallon) jugs typically made of glass or stainless steel. They have a screw-on cap or a swing-top lid that helps to keep your beer fresh and carbonated. They come in different sizes; however, the 64-ounce growler is the most common size and can hold about four to five 12-ounce beers.

Filling growlers is very simple. You just need to take it to your local brewery, and they will fill it up for you. The growler must be properly sanitized before it is filled. After sanitization, it is then purged with nitrogen or carbon dioxide to remove any oxygen from the jug. This helps preserve your beer and keep it fresh for a longer time.

The glass color also helps to protect your beer from ultraviolet rays that can cause it to go skunky. Brown or amber growlers are the best at protecting your beer from these harmful rays. Once you have filled your growler, it is best to consume it within two to three days. This will ensure that your beer is still fresh and at its best.


Crowlers are 32-ounce cans that are perfect for taking your beer to go. They are made of aluminum, making them lightweight and easy to transport. They are becoming increasingly popular as they are a more sustainable option than traditional cans or bottles.

Crowlers are filled using a canning machine that first purges the can with nitrogen or carbon dioxide. This helps remove any oxygen from the can to prevent the beer from going bad. The can is then filled with beer and sealed.

crowlers are perfect for taking to picnics, concerts, or anywhere else you might want to enjoy a beer. They are also a great option for buying beer in bulk, as you can buy multiple cans at once and have them last longer than growlers.


A howler is 32-ounces of beer that can yield 2 pints and is ideal for sharing with a friend. They are often made of glass and sometimes referred to as “mini growlers.” Howlers are filled using a growler filling machine, which first purges the howler with nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is often used as it is less expensive and easier to find than nitrogen.

Howlers are perfect for sharing a beer with a friend or taking one to go. They are also a great option for buying beer in bulk, as you can buy multiple howlers at once and have them last longer than growlers.

Comparing Growler, Crowler, and Howler

Now that you know the difference between a growler, crowler, and howler, it’s time to compare them and get an idea of which one is right for you.


  • All the three have the ability to protect the beer from the UV-light. Crawler is made of aluminum which is a good reflector of light. Howlers and growlers are made of coloured glass to protect the beer
  • Growlers, crowlers, and howlers all have air-tight seals. These seals help to preserve the beer and keep it fresh for a longer period
  • All do not allow the beer to be exposed to oxygen, which means the beer will not go flat and will not spoil as quickly


  • Crowlers are sealed using a machine, while growlers and howlers are sealed using a screw-on cap
  • Crowlers are only meant to be used once, while growlers and howlers can be reused as they have screw-on caps
  • Crowlers have a smaller capacity than growlers. They can hold about 32 ounces of beer, while growlers can hold about 64 ounces.
  • Crowlers are sealed on demand, unlike growlers and howlers that can be filled ahead of time

Which One Is the Better Packaging Option?

The better option is a howler. It is portable and reusable with a good capacity for beer. You can use it to take beer to go or share it with a friend. Moreover, it is also affordable and easy to carry around.


The three packaging options are all ideal for beer lovers who want to take their favorite brews on the go. Ensure you get the right packaging for your needs by considering the pros and cons of each option.