Half a Dozen Reasons Why You Should Collect Wine Corks

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Well, there is little debate to the number one reason why anyone should collect wine corks: It means opening and finishing a new bottle of wine, which is one of those divine moments in life when our heads misalign and all is right in the world. Isn’t a bottle of wine just the smoothest, sweetest way to share an evening with the one you love, with an old friend, with a complete stranger? It’s a human connector and inhibitions lubricator and, wow, don’t it taste just grand.

But, we shouldn’t digress. The idea isn’t why we should be producing more used wine corks but rather why we should be keeping those we just effortlessly come by. No one really needs a reason to drink more wine, but perhaps we could use a little incentive for not tossing the corks (or bottles) afterward. Wine corks are super handy, crafty collateral damage from fueling our beverage habits, so we should be sure to save them.

Key Chains

Less a collection than an immediate acknowledgment of a special event, be it an anniversary dinner (or proposal) or new friendship or a night worth remembering. And, while they may seem mundane, for anyone who has carried keys without some sort of keychain, we know they are quietly useful.

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