Hanson hops from singing MMMBop to brewing their own beer

The problem with getting liquored up with the Hanson brothers — yes, the MMMBop boys — is that you can’t get that tune out of your head the entire time you’re talking to them. Or for days after.

Apologies for the ear worm.

The only consolation is that they’re no longer boys, which makes the whole affair seem less icky. Because when you say to yourself, “I’m going drinking with Hanson,” the mental image is of pounding back a few with the bouncy preteens from those “ba du bop, ba duba dop” music video days.

Luckily they grew up. And it turns out, they grew into really nice guys who not only are still making music, they also are pleasantly obsessed with craft beer.

So obsessed, in fact, that they’ve launched their own, a pale ale. Care to guess the name? Give it a moment. You’ll get there. Think… That’s right. You can now pop open an Mmmhops (tagline: From the Guys That Invented Mmmbop).

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