Harvest Time in the South African Winelands

Its harvest time in the South African winelands and many great winemakers will tell you that excellent wine starts in the vineyards. And, subsequently, the timing of the harvest is an equally challenging and delicate operation in which precision is of the utmost importance in order to obtain the very best from each particular grape cultivar and to transform it into a wine of prominence within the cellar.

It all starts in January when the harvesting equipment is prepared and the grapes are analysed chemically to determine ripeness and taste tested for flavour development. This is an exciting time for all involved in the process, yet means several months of hard work and long hours. Similarly, preparation is in full swing in the cellar where machinery and equipment is checked and double checked, the needed chemicals are bought, barrels are ordered, and winemakers are rolling up their sleeves (as well as their trouser legs).

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