Have a drink or two with The Foo Fighters

With the departure of Kurt Cobain in 1994, Nirvana came to a dramatic stop. The band gained superstar status with their album Nevermind which sold over 26 million copies worldwide. (That’s 10 x platinum!) and excess was the name of the game. Kurt Cobain may have ended his life with a shotgun but the $100 a day heroin addiction surely propelled him to his death.

Drummer Dave Grohl was all of a sudden out of a job and after doing a bit of cameo drumming for a few acts, started this own band The Foo Fighters. Digging through The Foo Fighters archives we came across this interview with Dave:

“What do I do to relax? Fucking drink, ha ha. Nothing relaxes me more than Indian food and absinthe. It sounds painful but it’s kind of true. I love swimming, too. If I can wake up and start the day with a swim then that’s good. I swam a lot when I was a kid and had a lot of time by the ocean. It’s fun and it’s good exercise. It’s better than running. Fuck that. I was an athletic kid, a soccer kid, but that stopped when I discovered weed, that kind of stuff.”

Dave also proclaimed in earlier interviews how the band first formed through the members’ love of alcohol.

The band’s drummer Taylor Hawkins used to drum with Alanis Morissette, and Grohl said: “That’s how I met him. We became drinking buddies before we decided to be in a band together.

“That’s how you make your way into the Foo Fighters; you don’t have to be a great musician, you just have to be able to have a drink or two.”

Although this might sound like a fast track to the dark side, not one of The Foo Fighters every had a stint in rehab or pull a Britney Spears on us. The closest scare came probably last year when Dave Grohl was hospitalised because he drank too much coffee while in studio working on the new album.

So, if you ever wondered what musicians sound like on to much coffee, behold this morning Dave emailed us.